About Us

Our Mission

Hope With South Sudan provides education scholarships to South Sudanese children, youths and young adults living in exile in Kenya and Uganda.  In addition, Hope With South Sudan focuses on career mentorship, education support, and family reunification for South Sudanese Lost Boys and Girls now living in the San Jose, California area.

What We Do

photo of teacher and two students in classroomHope With South Sudan raises funds to sponsor about 45 children, youth, and young adults with tuition and living expenses in Kenya or Uganda. Sponsors or co-sponsors commit to pay a student’s tuition for a whole school year, so that the children can be confident their studies will continue. Our focus is on primary and secondary students. Our younger students often live with a parent or guardian, but most middle school and high school students thrive in the focused environment of boarding school.

Our sponsors support five university students who are in their final semesters of school. Hope With South Sudan is not accepting any new university students at this time.

A subsidiary program, Sudanese Youth Opportunity, sponsors 25 orphans at a boarding school in Kenya.

Locally in San Jose, Hope With South Sudan provides support to a community of about 75 South Sudanese Americans, including three families with young children. Initially help was needed with finding first jobs, achieving citizenship, and enrolling in college. Now, Hope With South Sudan is turning its energy to career mentorship, family reunification and the families with young children. Volunteers in the local area are needed for these activities. Please contact us if you are interested.

Background on Hope With South Sudan

Hope With South Sudan was founded in August 2003 by Fr. Jerry Drino, following his visit to Sudan and the refugee camps and settlements in Kenya.  He was invited by South Sudanese leaders and family members of South Sudanese in San Jose, CA,  to visit the people in Africa and to see their suffering, which has resulted from the civil conflict in Sudan since 1956.  Jerry felt a deep vocation to help the exiled communities, especially young people who were seeking an education. In 2012, the organization name was changed from Hope With Sudan to the current name, to better reflect the origin of the students we serve.

Learn more about the San Jose Lost Boys, including a 12-minute KTEH Documentary featuring Simon Deng and Peter Nyok.