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Special opportunity: Thanks to our longtime supporters, The Merit and Carol Hancock Memorial Fund, every donation over $100 will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Your generous gift of $100 or more will be doubled when you respond by Aug. 15 as part of this special back-to-school challenge.

About 10 students remain on our waiting list, hoping to attend school when funding becomes available. About half are in primary school, and half in high school. On average, annual tuition for these primary school students is $624, while for our secondary students in boarding school, tuition and fees (including room and board) are about $1,284 each year.

Three options are available for making this commitment:

  1. A one-time gift to cover the year’s tuition ($624 for primary, $1,284 for high school);
  2. An automatic monthly deduction via PayPal, spread over 12 equal payments ($107 for high school; $52 for primary school);
  3. Or co-sponsorship, which commits you to half the yearly fees and pairs you with another co-sponsor.

Sponsorship options:

__ A one-time gift to cover one year’s tuition.

__ A monthly deduction via PayPal, spread over 12 equal payments
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Note: Our monthly pledge amounts have been updated to better reflect the amounts needed for our waiting list students. If you would like to pledge a different monthly amount, please contact us and we will work with you to implement the change shortly.

Renewing sponsors: The monthly amount specific to your student may not appear in the list above, as student fees often vary according to grade and school. You may either choose the closest amount above for a monthly donation and make up the difference by also submitting a one-time donation; or contact us about setting up a custom monthly donation amount.

__ Please pair me with a co-sponsor, both of us covering half of the student’s tuition.

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