September 2015 Update

Update on a Few of Our Students

maryMary is in 5th grade and is currently getting her highest grades in English and science. Her teacher says that she is working very hard.

Michael is in 7th grade and is excelling in Mathematics and English. This next year he will continue onto secondary school.

Both children aspire to one day go to a university become civil engineers.
“On behalf of Michael and Mary and on my julietta casino online behalf as their uncle, I would like to extent my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you for your contribution toward the academic endeavors of these kids, supportingmichael someone you don’t know physically and have no blood relationship is a unique character and portrayal of faith in humanity in the American society and this is what makes you different from the rest of the world…God bless you abundantly. The support you are giving is creating a new being in these kids and in the Republic of South Sudan, a Being that is informed, civilized, God fearing and educated, this is exactly what South Sudan needs at the moment in order for it to be a prosperous and viable state in the world nations.”

Update on Sports for Peace

On August 8 a weeklong training in peace and reconciliation and a unique soccer tournament in Kakuma Refugee Camp was held. Lead by five university students supported by HWSS in Kenya, they reported that the success of their efforts was more than they hoped for.

The UN advisors, Kenyan Police and the Sports Authority said that this was the first time that a tournament was held and that fighting didn’t break out – which was brilliant reflection of all the participants vision, effort and work.

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